I'll be totally honest.

This time of year I get kind of depressed that I am not doing anything special for the summer. If anything, my family tends to work a little extra without necessarily having the extra time or money for camps and vacations.* 

Do you feel stuck working your regular routine during the summer? Is your kid's break from school making things actually feel more complicated to juggle? Have you lost the feeling of summer abundance to Pinterest envy? Do feel like the seasons keep slipping by without anything tangible to show for it? 

Me too.

So let's do something about that. Together.

Every Monday for ten weeks I will send you a prompt to help you make the most of your summer "vacation." These topics are seasonal, but highly adaptable to whatever your actual life looks like. The themes may inspire a kitchen table adventure, push your creativity, spark a memory or just raise your awareness about what you like.  

Along with the focus point for the week I will share with you a way to document your days. Whether a sketchbook technique or a cool photo app for instagram, these are ways that I turn even the most mundane moments into memories. If you have an existing creative practice, I hope these ideas will keep it fresh. And if you want to keep a journal or sketchbook or blog and don't know where to start, I'll show you at lease ten ways to start.

What: the simple summer project. a free ten week inspiration guide to getting the most out of the season.

When: June 22-August 24  2015. Every Monday you will get an email. Feel free to explore the topics at your own pace, making the ideas a part of a daily or weekly habit or a once in a while way bring adventure into your backyard. 

Why: By bringing our awareness to the season, we will enjoy it more. If you are feeling tired and broke (like me) these gentle prompts will help shake up your routine and inspire a little more gratitude and appreciation of the simple beauty around you. I hope to give you fresh ideas for your regular creative practice or to inspire a new creative habit online or in the pages of a sketchbook.

Cost: totally free! By signing up for the project you will be on my newsletter list and be an active part of my own online experiment. I will send you a survey at the end of the summer to ask for feedback on the project. Something like this may become a paid online course and you are helping me test the programs and technology. 



* JUst so we are clear: I think it's fabulous if you plan to backpack through Europe or roadtrip across America this summer. Blessings on your adventure and send me a postcard! This project can still work for you.