wool animals and hats

Hand wash in cool water and air dry. Go ahead and use some mild hand soap or even shampoo if you don't have a special wool detergent. Don't scrub too hard.

Cotton hats

Machine wash with like colors and dry on low heat. easy peasy.

a note on the brims.

They are hand cut from reclaimed food service jam and sour cream containers. I started making them into my hats when I was a dishwasher and waitress at The Old Town Cafe. I've made them into so many hats, I don't have to wash dishes there anymore. But I'm still a part of the Old Town family and so I get to pick up the extra containers every couple months.

Don't worry about getting the brims wet. But they are softer than a standard baseball cap. So be aware that if they end up in the bottom of your bag or a big load of heavy laundry, they may get a bend.

I am not officially recomending this, because, you know, melting plastic. But I have had customers ever so gently, on a very low temperature, with a bath towel covering it, iron a brim back to shape.

this stack of containers will make about 150 hat brims. 

this stack of containers will make about 150 hat brims.