blooming scraps resource sheet

Blooming Scraps Workshop

presented by Libby Chenault of moth and squirrel

Quick Checklist

  • Cut
  • 5 petals roughly the same size and shape
  • 1 leaf long enough to cover pin or hair clip
  • 3 center circles

  • make a running stitch along the bottom edge of petals

  • pull thread tight and tie off in a circle

  • stitch petal ring to leaf

  • sew center over middle hole

  • add decorative center

  • tie off thread on back

  • sew pin back or hair clip to back of leaf

Tips for felting a sweater

use at least 80% wool (may say merino, lambswool, shetland or new wool)

use hottest setting available, regular laundry detergent, longest cycle possible

load machine with other items (tie sweater in a pillow case)

be aware of lint and color bleed (lights and darks!)

dry on high temp

Inspiring Books you can find at the Library or click to shop

 by Valerie Easton

by Alethea Harampolis

Martha Stewart Living magazine for seasonal inspiration

Paper crafting is very popular right now and many of the templates and techniques can translate into fabric flowers

 by Livia Cetti

 by Rebecca Thuss

Green Crafts: more things to make with reclaimed sweaters and upcycled materials

 by Maya Donenfeld

 by Blair Stocker

 by Betz White

Thanks for sewing with me! You can find me at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market and online at