how to survive winter (part3: daily project)

This winter my family is playing along with Creative Live's daily project called 28 to make. Each day there is a short video prompt telling us what to draw (or in the case of Sunday, to not draw and just build rest into our creative habit.) And each week there is a different artist giving us the prompts. 


It is giving us something to look forward to each day , a moment to connect and be on the same page. To get out of our winter minds and be with color and line and a houseplant for 20 minutes.

I imagine there are month long projects like this for all sorts of interests, fitness boot camps and whole food cleanses, knit alongs and writing challenges. Instagram seems like the platform for sharing these results with hashtags and contests along the journey. It's cool for us to see what other artists do with the prompt and to have little comment conversations encouraging each other.

And you can certainly design a project for yourself. It can be an act you repeat every day: write a haiku, cook a new recipe, do a sun salutation, leave yourself a post it note. Or it can be committing to work everyday on a larger unified piece, make stitches on an afghan, spend fifteen minutes on your garden, glue one page for a scrapbook.

Just make a few rules for yourself and go. And then do it again the next day. And the next.

A few winters ago I made a quilt project. Each day in February I hand stitched a section of fabric. Some days are dense with tiny stitches. Other squares have the bare minimum of stitches to keep the layers together. 


Any particular section might not be that great, but it makes a satisfying whole.

If you don't want to commit to your own daily practice, you can support someone in theirs. Especially if you aren't following a sports team or reality tv, following someone's project is a great way to get through the dark days of winter. My friend Jessica Bonin did an inspiring daily painting project a few years back and now she's doing it again in a Subscription format. I'm excited to be watching what she creates.