fox and turtle, the hustle and the quiet

This week my boy is back at school and I'm back in my studio. I felt called to start the year with some stitched drawings instead of restocking hats. 

The turtle and the fox are pretty good representations of how I am feeling this winter.

I desire to move slowly through the dream time of winter. To let the transformations subtly wash over me as I float in the depths. I want long walks and journal musings, stacks of books and yarn around me as I gently let the future whisper it's plans for me. The turtle likes poetry and movies and podcasts about god, cups of tea and deep piles of blankets.

The other call is to become fierce and nimble hunter providing for my family in the barren beauty of winter. Tapping into creative energy, quiet and then pouncing. Like a fox listening for vole footsteps under the snow then diving into the powder to attack. This part of me is exercising and meditating and making lists, looking at finances and calendars with big cups of coffee and getting out the paints to make something new. Slightly impatient with the unfolding mystery, she is about action, even if the action is a calculated stillness.

Yes, I can tell we are in the heart of winter when I start writing about the animal metaphors.

What animals are helping you tell your stories right now?

You can see these stitched paintings and more in my studio during the Art Walk this Friday Jan 8, 6-10 pm. make.shift art gallery, 306 Flora, downtown Bellingham.