How to survive winter (part 2:stay warm)

Staying warm seems almost too basic to mention. But when our furnace broke last week it became clear how essential it is to well being in winter. When you are cold you slip into animal survival mode. It's hard to relax, get good rest or do the important work. Getting warm is often as easy as pushing a button on your thermostat. But when it isn't, here's an illustrated guide to staying warm.


  1. wear a hat (and a scarf or slippers or leg warmers)
  2. snuggle under blankets (bonus heat if you can get a child or pet to cuddle with you) 
  3. borrow a space heater
  4. do jumping jacks, dance around or jog in place
  5. drink warm beverages 
  6. knit or wear something knit (wool layers are your friend)
  7. build a fire (extra warming if you chop the wood)
  8. get in warm water (shower, bath, swimming pool or hot tub)
  9. eat or drink warming spices (peppers, ginger and cinnamon)
  10. find the sun (if not out the window in a movie, book or music)

I am so grateful for a solid home to keep me dry and safe, even if it got a bit chilly. And I am beyond grateful to my brother who helped us finance a new furnace.