Here we go, night is getting longer, autumn is officially officially here. 

Photo Aug 30, 4 57 21 PM.jpg

A time for gathering in, putting up your metaphorical and literal nuts for winter. As we move inward we choose again What do we want in our home for this season? 

What routines and objects will make us feel both cozy and alive?

What relationships and activities will help us feel supported and secure as we go into the darkness?

What foods will nurture our bodies as things get cold and slow down?

What words and images do we want in our heads as we enter a season of dreaming?

This season I am recommitting to weekly, in-depth blog posts. Keeping in the spirit of the Simple Summer Project but on the website for anyone to enjoy. 

I will be talking about food and family and creativity. My own, as well as ways you can bring curiosity and attention to your days, no matter what they may look like. There may be simple craft projects, book recommendations and playlists just like with the Simple Summer Project. I hope these will be gentle reminders for both of us to embrace the season and live it fully. 

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