weaving on a hulahoop and contemplating back to school

My boy just finished preschool and starts kindergarten tomorrow. In the in-between time I've been without my routine and feeling a little lost. And thinking about education and learning.

So I started a weird experimental weaving project. Something I saw on Pinterest, but not really following instructions. I feel useful and do my best thinking when my hands are making.

I used an enormous hula hoop as my loom.


Then I wove around and around with t-shirt strips.


I'll be honest, I got it off the hoop and the tension was wonky. Instead of a rug I had made a nest bowl. It was a perfect size for Franklin to get cozy and I thought it might make a cool pod spot to meditate. But mostly I think it would get in the way and I would trip on it all the time.

So I unraveled half of it. 

That's the thing about experiments, sometimes the information you get is:

That didn't work the way I thought it would.

As I get older and my time feels limited, it's harder to start projects that aren't a guaranteed success. But especially as my kid starts school, I want to model for him a healthy struggle; being okay with imperfections and surprises and mistakes. And when it doesn't go how I planned: pausing, choosing a new action and going forward.

I'm still figuring out how to move forward with the rug. It's a nice tangible problem to literally untangle.

Here's to creative mistakes and letting people see us learn. And to actually trying the things you see on Pinterest. And to admitting when they get all wonky.