The Life Changing MAgic of tidying up (buy my joy filled junk!)

Although I haven't actually followed the method, I keep talking about the popular book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is a somewhat radical and magical approach to organizing one's home by a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo.  I think every creative entrepreneur/intentional living podcast I listen to has referenced it lately.

In her method you must touch each object in your home and ask:

Does This Spark Joy?

If not, it leaves your home.

I am convinced that I can use this method and still have a maximal, full of stuff home. I imagine piles of things that I truly love. We'll see.

{i took notes with watercolor in my journal while listening to the audio version. very un-tidy yet joy filled !}

Her words have echoed through my studio as we continue to settle into make.shift as our new creative home. I even think of it as I set up for the farmers market each week. Fabric has been going to the Ragfinery, yarn and mirrors are finding new homes, and things that I made that aren't bringing me joy are going in the $5 bin. 

So I am super excited to participate in the first ever Junk in Your Trunk at make.shift (306 Flora)this Sunday. I will open my studio from 1-4pm with extra goodies in the $5 bin and treasures that need a new home along with the regular moth and squirrel goodies and art.


Come buy our junk! Just make sure it brings you joy!