last minute easter inspiration

We have such a busy week that we weren't going to be able to dye eggs until sunday, like maybe after an egg hunt. But then Franklin's playdate/childcare situation came down with the flu we had last week. So we were all unexpectedly at home on a thursday afternoon. I boiled the eggs as quick as possible and we got out the classic PAS kit we didn't end up using last year and made some eggs. 4 of them cracked in my haste and in their cheapness, but we have a sweet little batch.


This one is subtle but I'm proud of it. I twisted the egg in a mesh produce bag. I thought the pattern would be lighter, but it is actually where the dye got held longer and darker.


family eggs

Photo Apr 02, 6 41 06 PM.jpg

This one was wrapped in rubber bands between the layers of dye. It was actually the red and then the green but somehow came out purplish.

If you need any last minute easter goodies like flower pins, zipper pouches or cashmere bunnies come find me:

Friday night at our studio in make.shift during art walk, about 6-9pm.

Saturday (opening day!) at the Bellingham Farmer's Market! 10am-3pm.

Check out the events page listings if you need maps!

Happy spring to you and wishing you little pockets of inspiration and action too!