a roaring success

What a fun class on Saturday! I loved seeing how everyone interpreted my instructions with their own style. Some of the ladies felt funny like they were stealing my ideas. But I laughed and said I was going to steal all theirs! The beauty of handmade projects is that even when you try to "copy" someone your own eye and hand play such a part in the making that it always ends up unique. 


We drew lots of faces before we began embroidering them. Because the knit sweater material I usually use is difficult to mark, I always just freestyle my designs. But it is because I have drawn them so many times that I can get the look I want (and some surprises) without drawing on my fabric first.


This lion was a group effort by a six year old boy and me and his dad and grandma. I love how his unsteady stitches add so much personality.


Proud of this pride of lion hand puppets!

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