10 podcasts that keep me company at work

As soon as I commit to writing more, I have one heck of a week full of disappointment and lunch dates and end of the month responsibilities at all my silly little day jobs I piece together. And everything I try to write doesn't feel right.

But maybe you don't need my words, maybe you would be alright with someone else's words in your head. Like all these podcasts that are full of words. 

I listen to these ten podcasts on a weekly basis. And even more that I cycle through in phases. 

I listed them here as a spectrum from pure Intentional living mind set stuff to where that overlaps with creative business to straight craft and design ending with good stories. A rainbow of nerdiness from my ears to yours. 


Good Life Project

The Lively Show

Raise your Hand Say Yes

Dear Handmade Life

Elise Gets Crafty

While She Naps

99% Invisible

Memory Palace

Fugitive Waves

All the links are to their websites so you can get a feel for their style and see their faces and subscribe however you like to listen to these things.