Let's make flowers!

Blooming Scraps Workshop at the Ragfinery

February 7


$15 all materials included

As you may have heard, I am preparing to move my studio mid February.

As I go through my mountain of material, I am putting aside luscious bits for my upcoming Blooming Scraps workshop at the Ragfinery in Bellingham. We are going to have so much fun sinking our hands into cashmere, combining colors and thinking about our favorite flowers.

some scraps that bloomed last year

some scraps that bloomed last year

In this two hour workshop I show you the hand sewing techniques I use for making flowers. You will leave with a pin or clip and inspiration to continue crafting at home.

It is a relaxing way to spend a winter afternoon and a creative way to brighten up the sweater you have been wearing since November.

For more information and to register, visit www.ragfinery.com to secure your spot today.