KCLT mouse house

A generous and thankful community. A community where people will take care of each other when things fall apart.
— Kulshan Community LAnd Trust mission statement

 I love that this is part of Kulshan Community Land Trust's mission. And I am so thankful daily for being a KCLT homeowner and a part of this wonderful community.

In that spirit of generosity and care, I made this mouse house for the auction at the Kulshan Community Land Trust party this Saturday.


Steeb and I bought our house with the KCLT ten (!) years ago and I am always so happy to raise awareness and funds for the good work they do in our community.

If you can't bid on it this weekend, you can look for more homes from moth and squirrel this holiday season.


To learn about KCLT's mission, houses for sale, ways to donate and party details, click here.