Crafty book recommendations (part one, I met these authors)

Last weekend I got the chance to attend the School House Craft conference in Seattle.  I met some really creative and talented women. Twice in one day I had the pleasure of talking with someone and then realizing I have checked out their book.

First, I ate lunch with Blair Stocker. Unfortunately I missed her presentation the day before, but maybe it's even nicer to share chit-chat over quinoa with someone you admire.

I have to admit this is the kind of book I only flip through because a few of the projects are very similar to the craft that I make with reclaimed material. I don't want to be overly influenced or rip off another crafter's patterns. But I do know she has great projects in here that go beyond our mutual love for flowers made from sweaters.

Then I attended a conversation with Leanne Prain. She spoke about activism, graffiti, and storytelling with textiles. She has written several books on the subject. I love that she doesn't just write cute how-to craft books, but explores the ways textile work can tell hard and dirty stories as well.

And it really is amazing the way making things side by side can lead to different levels of connection and conversation. While making story bracelets with Leanne during the social hour I had a super personal conversation with the woman next to me at the table.

When our hands were busy we got past the standard networking "what do YOu DO?" and talked some real talk about our lives.

I honestly like books and happen to be an affiliate with Powell's. When you click through to their website to buy these (or any!) books, I get a small commission. What a cool way to support two independent businesses while shopping online!