recent inspiration

It's really, really hard to find inspiration when you are stressed out. worried about money. feeling pinched for time. That's why it is so important to have rituals and habits in place to welcome creativity. And when you regularly make yourself available to inspiration, it does show up. Sometimes in unexpected places.


Like this design I doodled as I waited to find out if we got a loan we need to fix some seriously disgusting plumbing issues. It was part of a textile hanging in the loan officer's cubicle. I was really nervous. Dreading what the numbers might be. To look for beauty and get lost in a pattern, even just for two minutes while he checked something in another cubicle brought me back to myself. The act of drawing, of creating anything, reminded me that I am more than whatever was or wasn't in my bank account.

(We got the loan and I got a fresh design for summer hats.)


This new pattern was inspired by Rob Brezsny. He writes the revolutionary, magical, poetic FreeWill Astrology column. (Look it up online if you aren't lucky enough to have it in your alternative weekly newspaper.) I started reading his text book Pronoia Is The Antidote For Paranoia on my birthday. It's seriously improving my relationship to truth and beauty right now. And Rob and I are both crabby moon children under the sun sign of Cancer. So without even thinking about it, this just happened when I sat down at my sewing machine this week at my regularly scheduled time.

So in summary, how to stay inspired when you are feeling broke and pinched by the world? Make art a habit, doodle at the bank, read library books and trust that the universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings.