Kickstarting Summer Projects with Mat Hudson (part 3)

I've been sharing my interview with Mat Hudson to get you excited about his Kickstarter campaign. Today we finish up with thoughts on big projects to inspire you to make project of your own.

sample page from Hazel courtesy of Mat Hudson

sample page from Hazel courtesy of Mat Hudson

What advice do you have for someone starting (or dreaming of starting) a big project?

Start at the very beginning. Do a tiny bit of planning, maybe no planning. Just start.

What do you do when you are stuck in the middle of writing or drawing?

Work on a different project or call my mom. One trick is collaborating with people just by telling them the story. It gets me so excited to talk about what I'm working on and helps fill in the blanks, gets me jump started.

How do you celebrate finishing?

Getting drinks or doing anything with my best friends and some sort of dancing. When I get good news I dance a lot.

As of this writing, Hazel is 90% funded, but Mat won't get the money pledged for an editor and printing unless he gets at least $332 by July 9. If you like supporting literacy, adventure and dreamers, donate today.

update: MAt got his funding! Congratulations Mr.Hudson, I imagine you are dancing right about now. He has some great stretch goals that could add stickers, audio recordings and library donations, so it is absolutely still worth it to support this cool book.

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