Kickstarting Summer with Mat Hudson (part 2, books!)

In the last post I talked with my talented friend Mat Hudson about summer plans and his Kickstarter campaign to finish Hazel, a chapter book about growing up, solving mysteries and fighting monsters. He's over halfway to his goal, but needs to be fully funded by July 9. So please support his project today so we can all enjoy Hazel's summer adventures this fall when it's perfect snuggle up with a book weather.

I asked Mat to recommend a few books that might inspire adventure this summer. Mat worked for years in the elementary schools reading with kids so I knew he would have an interesting list to share.

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson "It is sad in a way that feels really satisfying. Kids don't get a chance to like sad things, it's hidden from them sometimes. Good for an older child or a serious child."

Where the Wild Thing Are by Maurice Sendak  "I've enjoyed reading this one with all ages. Great for a kid who wants to fill in the blanks with a wild enough imagination. For creative kids with patience because the story (text) doesn't push you forward, but the illustrations pull you in and fill the whole page as the story progresses."

The Wildwood series by Colin Meloy Illustrated by Carson Ellis "Works well for a kid who wants to use their imagination where they actually live, not traveling to a completely foreign land. It's about finding secrets in your own backyard. It has strong female characters that are still accessible to boys."

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll "I guess this is less of an adventure and more of an accident. I love the absurdity of it. That you can go have an adventure anywhere, anything can happen."

Coraline by Neil Gaiman  "Scary in an exciting way. She's strong, strong willed, a little bratty. She has to figure out what is happening, no one is really helping her, they are almost trying to lead her down the wrong path in the dream version of her real world."

Thanks to Mat Hudson for the book suggestions and stay tuned for the final installment of our conversation when we tackle a big creative project.

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