recent inspiration

It's dangerous to study your hero's art too closely, especially while making your own work. But it can also feel like a friend is cheering you along when you take a break from your own ideas to see how someone else documents the world. These three books that have been inspiring me this month. (All are available at the Bellingham Public Library or you can click the covers to shop Powell's online independent bookstore.)

Maira Kalman is my absolute favorite artist. This most recent collection features paintings inspired by old anonymous photographs and words by the man sometimes known as Lemony Snickett. Steeb gave me this over the weekend as an encouragement for my own paintings. It is just lovely.

This one has simple black line sketches of people with their tatoos in full color. The story of the tatoo is on the opposite page. Cool style and a real privilege to know such intimate stories.

There are three Selby books out now and a great website. I love Todd Selby's mix of photos, drawings of the people and hand written interview/drawings of the participants. I love looking inside these creative homes. Some are famous people and others are just secretly fabulous.

I hope these books inspire you to document the details of your own wonderful life or to at least seek out some fresh books for reading season.

If you purchase these (or any) books through my Powell's links, I receive a small commission. It's a cool way to support me even if you aren't in the market for a stuffed animal.