less screen more paper

I've been spending more time in my journal than on the computer lately. It's really good for my head and heart. But I do want to stay connected to the wide world, so I'll share a few pages. Maybe my perfectly imperfect pages will inspire you to find a way to slip more making and creating, observing and documenting into your week.


I've given myself animal study homework to inspire not only my stuffed animals, but also some hanging art for an upcoming show. No surprise, we really like to read stories with animals in them and mostly I've just been copying from books.


Tara Gentile, Tara Reed and Leanne Prain were my teachers this weekend at the School House Craft Conference. I sketched them alongside my frantically scribbled notes. It actually helped me concentrate and stay engaged and makes going over my notes so entertaining.


Friday is our one day together as a family with no school or work. We had a coffee date after our weekly Project Runway viewing.  I drew the toy in my purse and made Mr.Frumble give commentary on the show. It's pretty silly but really captures this era in our family.

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p.s. our family journals of choice are ex libris anonymous. The covers and a few inside pages are from old books so they have built in inspiration.