hello, I am Libby Chenault, the woman behind  moth and squirrel

hello, I am Libby Chenault, the woman behind moth and squirrel

I want to help you give remarkable recycled gifts. Gifts that become a treasured part of your story. The gifts that get remembered and talked about.

I begin with reclaimed material, fabric that already has a story of its own. A well loved cashmere sweater with holes in the elbows. Or the one that accidentally got shrunk in the wash.  A brightly colored camp tshirt. A wool skirt whose proportions have not been fashionable for decades. I hunt for luxurious, natural fibers in interesting colors. Purchasing used material not only helps the environment, but also funds local job training organizations like Ragfinery.

Then I take my scissors, needle, thread and imagination to the washed fabric to create hats, stuffed animals, pins and whatever else I can think of as I try to use ever smaller scraps of material. I use a few classic patterns and a lot improvisation as I work with the unique characteristics of each upcycled garment. Sizes and shapes vary slightly as I work around moth holes, stains or just plain weird embellishments.

I have a family and friends and a pretty sweet life in Bellingham,Washington. I may come off as a know it all, oh I do like to give advice, but really I have more questions than answers. I am working on staying curious and generous and grateful every day.



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